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Telematics cuts student car insurance

Cutting down on your car insurance costs as a student can be a challenge. Belonging to a group that the insurance industry tends to view as one of the riskiest to cover, it may feel like the odds are stacked against you - even when you're following the tips found here: http://www.cancancover
 However, new technology may just have the answer: black box telematics, which involves fitting your car with a recording device that monitors driver behaviour, could result in fairer and more affordable premiums for young motorists who drive carefully.
 These black boxes record information such as your speed and braking habits so that insurers can reward safe drivers with lower premiums, as well as cutting down on the number of fraudulent claims that contribute to higher insurance costs in the first place.
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Need a graduate job?

Did you know that the most popular courses* are: Business and Administration, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences and Arts and Design? However, the courses that students are most likely to get a job are different courses, namely, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Studies?

With more and more students graduating, its pretty hard getting the job you want and a full-time one not a part time. We've teamed up with our graduate jobs partner: Milkround.com to help you get started on your search.

*Source: HESA Stats 2011


University Budgeting Tips

University has never been cheap, but many students now find that they have next to nothing to live on after worrying about tuition fees.

There is no doubt that part time work is a big help to the finances. However students must be prepared to exercise a certain amount of restraint when payday arrives. The temptations of finally being able to blow money on a night out will be great, but later in the week when food needs to be purchased the shine will rather be taken off if there are no funds available. Many find it helpful to have separate bank accounts for different costs like groceries and car costs which makes sure the money is set aside when needed.

Many students find that they have too many possessions cluttering up their halls of residence. Considering selling these via online auction sites can raise considerable cash. Otherwise it is worth seeing if another student might need the item in exchange for something the owner wants.

One of the best things about student life is communal living and being able to team up with others for grocery shopping can save a fortune. There would be little point one person spending to make the most of buy one get one free or three for the price of two offers, but students shopping together can make great use of supermarket specials.

Cooking together can not only be a great social experience, but can also save money as cooking for one can be expensive. Having a cooking rota with a set budget for the meal can be an excellent way to save money as well as making the catering less stressful.

Credit is not always a bad thing and if a student is reasonably confident in a well-paying career at the end of their studies, for example law programs or other professional degrees, then student loans are a cheap way of borrowing.


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