Where to Get Free Stuff in San Diego Area

Without further ado, here is our tips to get some stuff for free

When we arrived in the U.S. we had very limited income and couldn’t afford to buy new furniture. The money we earned was just enough to pay for the rent and the food. Living in San Diego area is expensive, so we were looking for resources to get some stuff for free to make ends meet. I joined different Facebook groups where people offered donations to refugees and families with low income. I was looking for a couch, an armchair and floor lamps. I checked freecycle.org and started looking for things I need. I signed up to the app and found some really nice offerings. Since I needed many things in our new apartment, I looked into various places we I could get thigs for free. Then I decided to expand my search capabilities and checked other helpful resources.

Free Furniture in San Diego

Here are the reliable sites I used personally and can recommend with confidence:

My absolute favorite is Craigslist which is a time-tested source for things people want to get rid of. Just make sure you use Craigslist location feature to find what you need in your area.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find furniture and electronics available in your area too. Look through local listings until you find something suitable there. Of course, it takes some luck and persistence to grab something really worthwhile, but if you are determined to get stuff for free be prepared to invest your time.

Free Couch in San Diego

I will tell you about my experience of getting a free couch. I found a couch which seemed to be nice on the picture but in real life it appeared to be too old and too used. When we came to grab it, we spotted the stains on the upholstery and since the couch had no mattress inside you could just fall inside slightly when taking a seat there. It was not comfortable to seat in or lie on. So, my advice for those who found some good piece of furniture is to inspect it carefully under the day light for any imperfections. Take a seat in it to test whether you feel comfortable or not. Check the legs of any furniture you want to take to make sure they are not flimsy and can carry your weight.

Stains on The Upholstery of The Sofa

But I was not discouraged after my first unsuccessful attempt with the couch and kept searching. Among the useful resources that I can share are Buy Nothing Project on Facebook, ourfreestuff.com, The Krazy Coupon Lady. At 20off.com you can read many stories about where and how to score various freebies and get access to various deals and coupons. Some coupon codes will enable you to get a gift or a free item with your purchase.

Free Stuff in San Diego

I also recommend checking Just Free Stuff to reach companies willing to give away their products hoping that you will become their loyal customer. At this site you can get free clothing, books, baby accessories, toys and more. Just Free Stuff often runs contests for more expensive products like kitchen appliances or a family vacation in the mountains.

To sum it up, I can say that there are plenty of places to look for free stuff whatever you might be looking for. People often want to get rid of their old bed frame, a couch, a table with chairs or TV, coffee maker, iron or hair styler. Sometimes they give away stuff slightly used and in perfect condition. Just be persistent, keep looking for and your efforts will be rewarded.